Intern Bios

10460261_10152607002425891_2320146210864513221_n.jpgKim Ramirez is from Texas (no, she doesn’t know know George W. Bush) and she also wants to remind you that “Dub-yah” isn’t from Texas either. She is primarily a film/TV actor but writes and produces sketches and short films in her off time. Kim is a first time intern here at Gotham Writers and is excited to be around people who appropriately know how to use a comma. She hopes that being surrounded by real writers can help pressure her into getting that pen to page and finish the great pilot that she’s been “working on” for a few years. It’s going to be epic. Bill & Ted’s Wyld Stallyns epic. When she isn’t creating on screen or paper, she likes to create in pots, pans, and cutting boards. She’s known for her incredible salsas and Easter morning Chilaquiles. She also reads to kids at underprivileged schools and is proficient at basic Muay Thai.





grandmasweaterSyeda Lee is excited to serve her second term as a Gotham Intern. In her first, she broke a yearlong writing drought by working on her first Spec Script in Gotham’s TV Writing I, and found the courage to pursue this whole TV Writing thing full steam. She graduated a few years ago from Brandeis University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology, plus one poetry thesis: Tales of Violent Sunshine. While wading through post-grad uncertainty, she dove into the tumultuous world of the entertainment industry and now freelances as a Script Supervisor; which turns out to be the most complicated job on set, but also her favorite (though Wardrobe is a close 2nd).  She finds herself staying at Gotham to write her first TV Pilot and to be surrounded once again by writerly peeps. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dance, exploring events, reading consecutively, and obsessively watching and over-critiquing cartoons.



Aaron Schwartz just graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Literature and Creative Writing. He currently lives in his hometown of New City, NY, a suburb a little ways north of NYC. He is applying to MFA programs for Fiction and is frequently submitting his stories to literary magazines, therefore, he is perpetually checking his email waiting to hear back from somewhere. He is currently working on a collection of linked short stories that he began in his last semester at Binghamton. Aside from interning at Gotham, he works as an assistant kindergarten teacher. When he isn’t doing either of those things or working on his manuscript, he can be found reading, watching episodes of Seinfeld that he’s seen at least 30 times before, painting, at the movies, or loitering in restaurants with his friends well after finishing their meals. His favorite things usually involve bacon or Raymond Carver and his least favorite things usually involve big crowds or vegetables.


blog-picJosh is entering his second term as a Gotham Writer’s intern. In his first term, he finished his historical fiction novel Shredders, which is now in the hands of agents and editors across the city. He moved to New York City in 2014 for this sole purpose after realizing that a career in computer software sales was not the way to go. Aside from creative writing, he has been the editor of Pain in the Arsenal for two years, where he turns his tormented fandom of Arsenal into written word so the British public can ridicule him for being too American. He also writes about video games for App Trigger, hosts scavenger hunts across the city, and interns at Talcott Notch, a literary agency. When he is not at Gotham, he is doing one of those many things, occasionally finding time to read Charles Dickens, or play the video games he writes about. Some of his favorite things include Chipotle (or burritos in general), soccer and dinosaurs. Some of his least favorite things include slow walkers and looking normal in photos.