On the train I was reading about Disney’s all time favorite songs and listed was one I had forgotten, Dumbo’s Baby Mine. So I youtube’d it and of course I balled immediately. Might be the baby that coming ever so soon OR IT COULD BE BECAUSE IT’S MY LAST DAY AS A GOTHAM INTERN!!!! I’m so sad. So quickly I’ve come to the end of the road here.


Why is it when you’re surrounded by great people that time is quicker than lightening. I’m gonna miss working in such a great environment. The staff threw me a lunch and we chewed the fat for about 2 hours. It was great! How often do you get to have lunch with a fun group of people? Usually lunch is the time where you close off everyone and take a moment for yourself before you have to go back out there and deal with people again. But this was a break from that in the opposite. No dealing with people, just enjoying them. It was so…different to do that. It was nice to be a part of the 9-5ers. (although I still didn’t come in till after).

It was nice to be in the office with these people. Dana, all knowledgable, excellent taste in movies and careful with her Yoga music curation. Alex, always seeing where better can happen and coming up with outrageous ideas and proposals that wake the office with laughs. Justin, who also has a  vast knowledge of entertainment and filled us in with quips from the news. Melissa’s observations were as good as the treats she brought in. I don’t think I ever saw Steph without a smile on here face or an answer to my million grammar questions about ; or , . Kelly, who may be the kindest person on the planet. And Charlie who magically seemed to know and immediately be on it when I so much as THOUGHT of a tech question. Not to mention my intern buddies, Sip, Syeda, and Aaron who helped me forge forward when I was absolutely lost.

Dana did ask me what my best experience was here at Gotham. I thought about it but I couldn’t say one moment in particular. I think the carry away for me is grander than just one happening. It was change of perspective. I’ve worked at quite a few places in my life and I have to say that up until working here, my faith in companies in general was quite cynical. Why wouldn’t it be. Companies are businesses out to make money not make your particular life (as special as it might be to you) better. So customers being first is something I’m absolutely jaded on. Until I worked here.

I honestly haven’t encountered a school or company that really cared so much about the experience their students get. And they really do here. They want to make sure you get what you’re looking for out of this school. Sometimes much the the annoyance of people who want to skip ahead in writing levels because their natural talents have lead them to believe they also have the technique and language. Sometimes because an extreme circumstance calls for the bending of rule or two. They care. They care that YOU have a great experience here even if from time to time, it’s a little more work on our end. And thats pretty rare. And I know because I was here and in the time I was here it mattered to me. At first, for completely selfish reasons, I didn’t want to mess up my internship. But that evolved to also really caring about the people I dealt with on a daily basis. On the phone, through an email, at an event. And it felt good. To be a part of a community that could do both be a savvy business and good to it’s people at the same time. Certainly different.

So I guess my best experience is that my faith in some institutions isn’t as distrusting as when I started. Don’t get me wrong, I still think people should pull a good chunk of money out of their banks and put it somewhere only they know for the illuminati hack the banks and the impending apocalypse happens and only cash is king. But at least when that happens, here at Gotham they’ll still help you find the right class and get the best out of it.

So, so long for now. We are entering another term here at Gotham and I am entering another term of my own!