I like hearing people talk more than I like talking. Which is why I cherish Monday mornings. Because Monday mornings  are the day I get to check the voicemails from the weekend! I hear people’s questions about the school, sometimes they need to change or drop or be added to a waitlist, and sometimes they’re just calling to say they’re running late to an event from the weekend. 

I love hearing all of it! It sounds mundane but it’s not just messages, it’s the tone in which they are asked or stated and the sometimes the other noises that accompany them in the background. I like to imagine the situation and person’s story. Wondering what they did before or after the phone call. 

Here are three examples:


“Guys, just please, for one minute….HI! Hello, my name is Mary Anne, I’m calling about the one day memoir writing class. I was wondering if I already have a story could I bring that to class to work on? Because I already have a story from my life that I would like to work on. If you can give me a call at ——-  I’d appreciate it….Can’t I make a phone call without you two yell-…”


Her pleasant phone voice instantly turns into stern and incredulous, “Can’t I make a phone call without you two yelling all the time?!” Emily, 5 and Jake, 7. “I mean JESUS I just needed to make one fucking phone call!” She sank down on the cheap kitchen chair and put her hands over her face so all you could see was her loosely tied hair and her hands. Her kids looked at her with locked, still eyes.

Emily didn’t know what to say to her mom was always mad since she left Daddy John and the rest of the church. She didn’t seem to be happy and she cried a lot. Jake felt bad. He was just having so much fun playing with his sister that he forgot mom was on the phone. He was having problems learning how to manage his new found freedom. Nothing outside was a nice as the compound was but everything inside felt somehow good.

Mary Anne popped her head up and stretched her hands towards her kids, pulling them in like a magnet. She hugged them, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. Mommy just has one day to get all the things she wants done and gets flustered but it isn’t your fault,” She squeezed tighter, “how about this; lets go get some pizza and play some games. Would you like that?” The kids heads bobble uncontrollably and they run off towards their coats. 

The mom looks at them as they get ready to go out. It’s so hard. The though of going back was still tempting but she knows she did the right thing. And if she can just get her story out, she knows she can make it. And maybe save the others in the process. 



“Hi, I’m outside the buildin. I’m outside for the one day Poe-try class and NOBADY is here. I’m at the address I wrote down so…wats the deal 347——.”


He shook his head and rechecked the paper with the address on it. He then looked through his email at the registration email. He indeed did write down the wrong address. FAK! Nothing good ever happens when he comes to the city. This is the stupidest thing ever. He wondered how did he ended up in here. But that night easily came back into play. As it did very day since it happened. 

Her heels clicked with force as she walked away. 

“Common babe, just STAP! STAP FORA SECOND. Just let me s’plain….I thought you said you wanted ta do somethin simple and not flashy.” 

She turned around and threw a flimsy plastic bag at him. 

“Ah candy ba, Edwin? Valentine’s Day and you give me a shittin candy ba and take me to ah dina?!” 

“You said simple. I was tryin ta be simple. See I was tryin ta show you I was listenin to you!” 

“I said simple and elegant but not expensive. You neva listen ta me. You just hear what you wana an’ neva  putin the effort ta try and show me that I mean somethin to ya.” 


“Oh yeah, when’s the last time you wrote me a card a sumptin…Neva. You neva take the extra effert to show me you care. And I’m done with it. And I’m done with you.” 

Her turn away punctuated that last statement. Edwin was beside himself. Where did he go wrong? The Herseys and Diner was suppose to be charming. And who the hell was she to say he didn’t write cards. He’d written plenty of cards. Right? He was having a hard time thinking of one. Ugh, damnit! Why does she have to make life so difficult? She wasn’t even worth the effort. What did she ever do for him? Forget her. She can’t even cook that good. Except that beef stroganoff. That was good. She always made it on Thursdays when the Flyers were playing because it was her favorite team too. Whatever, at least his pillows wouldn’t smell like girl shampoo anymore. And now he didn’t have to play “Would You Rather.” What a dumb game…although it was funny at times. And he did like the way she laughed. She’d hug him when she laugh and it was so warm. 

The February chill blew up the wind and cued him to start walking home.

She did turn around and say those things to him so it wasn’t  OVER over but he knew he was gonna have to do some work, something more than a card and something that showed he went to great lengths to show her how much he loved her….



“Hi, I took the Blog Writing class there last year and it was so good SO GOOD that I’m wondering if you are going to have a Level II anytime soon. And if it isn’t soon can I get a private with someone? Thanks,

 Jane….OH and my number is 202——-.


Jane couldn’t believe it! She couldn’t believe it! She was SO FRIGGIN pumped! She had to read the letter again. 

Dear Mommy One Day At A Time,

        We’ve been following your blog for a long time and see that you have a had an influx of followers with good feedback for the past year. We here at Diapers-R-Us are constantly looking to partner with online mom communities that are useful for new parents and experienced parents alike. We’d love to see you continue to produce content and be a voice for moms but know that this takes time and money. For that reason, we are interested in sponsoring your blog. In exchange, we will advertise on your site and occasionally send you free products to review from our company. You can simply post the reviews of the products you like on your site. Please let us know if this is something you might be interested in as we are interested in working with you.



Founder & CEO 


YES! This is it! Jane never in her wildest dreams thought that anyone but her mom and bestie would read her blog. It was after all just a diary more than  anything else. With Derek gone for duty, she needed something to keep her busy that wasn’t tending to the kids. But that was all she knew and she couldn’t leave home. Now she had a sponsor. She knew that course was worth it!  She couldn’t wait for the next Skype session with Derek to tell him the great news. But now the pressure was on. How could she take this to the next level. Reviewing products? She kind of did that with some things but not formally. Not for a real live sponsor. She couldn’t mess this up, who knows where this could lead? Maybe she could buy a new computer…or Landrover….or both! But first things were first. Call the school again. It had been 10 minutes, maybe they didn’t get the message. But it was 10pm. Maybe they were closed. Maybe she should reply to Diane. No, school first then Diane.