Everyone at Gotham Writers has spoken to Tony. He calls in every so often to chat about writing. You won’t find a more genuine soul, especially not on a customer service line. He knows us all by name and we all have stories about our Tony conversations. Each conversation is 100% unique, like a snowflake.

I went my initial two months at Gotham without having the privilege of talking to Tony, but when it finally came, I knew what was happening. Half way into his speech of the history of Mexican bandits and how it correlated to his life, I knew who I was talking to. I didn’t need an introduction. This was the fabled Tony in all of his glory.


Tony is a writer. And he is a dedicated writer who wants to take every class that Gotham has to offer. He has ideas and characters that deserve their own story. But Tony, like every other writer out there, has trouble sometimes deciding where to go with those stories. When that happens, he calls us.

Sometimes you just need to let your thoughts out to make sense of them. If calling us helps Tony sort out what he is trying to write and gets him into the writing process than I am happy to do my part. You don’t even have to say much when he calls. You just have to listen. And it’s well worth it. Without a doubt.

We can all learn something from Tony. He isn’t afraid to dial Gotham’s customer service and speak to whoever answers the phone about the current state he is in with his writing. It’s not the easiest of tasks. It’s daunting, really. I’d never be able to muster the gumption to do it.

I have always hesitated to talk to other people about my writing, mainly when I’m stuck or struggling. It’s a confidence thing. Sometimes I just don’t have faith in my own writing. But every writer is that way. Only we don’t all openly admit it like Tony does. Rather than bury it and wait out the storm and hope it solves itself, he talks to someone about it. Anyone. A stranger on a phone a thousand miles away will do.

That isn’t exactly what the Gotham customer service line is for, but hey, we’re all writers here. Maybe one day I’ll call Tony and tell him about my writing problems.